Magical Christmas at Tulip Inn Heerlen City Centre

Let the Christmas magic come alive at Tulip Inn Heerlen City Centre and experience an unforgettable Christmas with friends and family this year! We are ready to make your Christmas period truly special. Also discover all the wonderful things Heerlen has to offer during these festive days. Let the warmth and cosiness of Christmas come together with us for a Christmas to remember!

Dining in the centre of Heerlen

The cosy centre of Heerlen is known for its many great restaurants. Even during the cosy Christmas season, the restaurants and cafés are ready to give you a great culinary experience!

Tips to make the most of Christmas

Need some inspiration for your visit? The staff at Tulip Inn Heerlen City Centre recommend the following activities:

  • Winter Time Heerlen - From Thursday 14 December 2023 to Sunday 7 January 2024, there are many daily activities to be found Heerlen. For example, go ice-skating on Pancratiusplein in the city centre
  • Bart's Ho Ho show - Singer, composer and 'professional bourgeois' Bart Storcken will host an atmospheric and cheerful Christmas show in Theater Heerlen on Saturday 23 December 2023, together with the eight-member jazz fanfare group Grupo Go.