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Será Amrâth

Será Amrâth or in other words: we are Amrâth! At Amrâth Hôtels, we always strive for quality in every aspect of our guest experience, and that includes choosing Será wines.

Why did we choose Será Amrâth? Because we believe our guests deserve only the best. Será Amrâth reflects the core values of Amrâth Hôtels: quality and hospitality. Choosing this wine and this house was therefore a natural step in our commitment to offering the most refined and unforgettable experiences to our guests.

At Será Amrâth, we go beyond simply serving wine; we create an ambiance, a story and a memory that lasts.

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Made in the oldest winery in Jumilla, Spain

The Será Amrâth wines are made by Bodegas Alceño. This family business, founded in 1870, is located in the heart of southern Spanish Jumilla. Through the use of modern winemaking techniques and continuous innovation of facilities, they meet the highest quality standards. The wines excel in purity and recognition of the different grape varieties.