Amrâth Hôtels wishes you happy holidays and a much better 2021!

Again in 2021, our Amrâth angels will welcome you with open arms!

Movie & Soundtrack City of Angels

Angels are a beautiful element in films, which can produce very poetic results. They are the spiritual, timeless opposite of earthly existence. Hidden from the human eye, they oversee the entire world. The boundary between life and death is crossed by angels, the virtual hand on the shoulder becomes visible. In film everything is possible and so angels can appear as living beings on the silver screen. In City of Angels, Nicolas Cage plays the modest angel Seth, who leads an eternal observant life in Los Angeles. He supports people in need without being noticed by them. One day, he meets the surgeon Maggie (Meg Ryan). She cries for the death of her patient and while he silently consoles her, he falls in love with her and begins to doubt his existence as an angel. After all, as a heavenly servant, he is unable to respond to his feelings for her. He exchanges the heavenly for the humane in the hope that love is mutual. Sarah McLaghlan made the soundtrack for the movie.

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Restoration of the Kurzaal ceiling paintings

In recent months, the original ceiling paintings in the dome of the Kurzaal have been restored. At the end of last year, the angels seemed to have literally spread their wings when a flapping sound interrupted a concert in the Kurzaal. This sound turned out to come from one of the released canvases that is part of the imposing dome decor. A closer look revealed that the more than 100-year-old canvases had tears and damage in several places.

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